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About Us

At Blue Tech Cleaning Solutions we specialize in commercial and residential exterior cleaning services. We pride ourselves in our work by using a unique process called Soft Washing. This process eliminates the potential of damaging your House or Commercial buildings. With a range of services such as Roof Cleaning, House Washing, Commercial Building Washing , Gutter Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning and much MORE. We guarantee to exceed the expectations on ever job preformed.

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Our team consists of highly skilled trained professionals. Each member has been trained to specialize in each service to perform and execute

House Washing

Roof Washing

Concrete Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Pool Deck/Enclosure

Patio and Paver Cleaning

Along with other specialty services


Annual or Bi-Annual services

By becoming a annual or bi-annual client this guarantees your services every year for the month the first scheduled services were performed. Not only does our services bring back the shine to your home, it also helps eliminating costly repairs such as painting due to mold, dirt and algae becoming embedded into the painted surfaces. As well as adding value to the house by having clean appearance.

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Contact Information

Owner Dustin Williams

1-(229) 412-3471